About Area Control.

Area Control I started as a news website around 2002. That’s when I bought the domain name http://areacontrol.com and I started reporting on hard to find, unusual and government news. You can still find old news old post on areacontrol.com at http://www.areacontrol.com/e107/news.php and newer post up to 2016 on http://www.areacontrol.com.

I have starts this site Area Control News just recently and am just now trying to get it up to par. Having a bit of a go at it, setting it up and all but I am also working on over 30 other websites and over 100 domain names for sale that I own. So at this time it is slow going. Area Control has been my favorite site and domain name since day one so I have been accumulating them, like Area Control Center right now it is pointed to Areacontrol.com. At Area Control Center I will be listing all of my activities and projects. Like Matrix.Domians, I am using Matrix Domains to sell some of the hundreds domain names I own, a pasion of mine. Plus list websites I am working on and update you with other internet projects like My latest Veterans.US.com That site will be there for US Veterans to find information, help and support. US Veterans is a kick off from one of my other sites: Veterans Pro or Veterans Name (check it out both domains are pointing to the same site)
So Now You Know the Rest Of The Story!